Blockchain Development

Prodigitaly holds expertise in offering your lucrative assistance and ideas for developing blockchain services for your organization. Our expert team of analysts carry on research, analyze different blockchain platforms, tools, and features. The blockchain is an emerging technology that has earned a lot of prominence in recent times. The blockchain is a digital ledger which enables easy transactions using Bitcoins or Cryptocurrencies. The technology is turning more popular considering the safety and security offers businesses in carrying on transactions. It is a safe way of making transactions, recording agreements or contracts.

It is a matter of security of data and trust, and hence we at Prodigitaly offer exemplary blockchain developmentsolutions for varied verticals of the industry. We aid our clients in encrypting their data by providing with the software that will make it impossible for another individual to make any changes or steal data from your system.


We offer Crypto Coin Development service with our expert team of professional cryptocurrency developers who hold expertise in the field. We develop cryptocurrency which is a vertical currency using encryption and hashtag technique for securing the transactions. Services include the building of crypto coins, exchange platforms, cryptocurrency wallets and software for trading.
Create your Bitcoin Payment gateway with Prodigitaly to make your transaction secure. Our development team holds professional expertise in Bitcoin Wallet Creation that makes payment transfer easy reliable and secured. This includes Wallet to Wallet Bitcoin Transfer, Exchange Bitcoin for local currency, payment through QR, bill payment and much more.
Make your transactions and data secured with our Mining Services. With our Mining Crypto Coins service, we aid in calculating hashes and encryption every time a new transaction that is carried out with cryptocurrency. We offer you the required configuration so as to make this difficult task easy.
Prodigitaly offers one-stop solution for Exchange Software Development by building compatible applications for exchanging Bitcoins. It includes offering performance centric trading exchanges in order to leverage secured trading using cryptocurrencies. The software aids in receiving and sending payments made using cryptocurrencies including Forex and Trade in a secured manner

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