Responsive Web Design

In today’s era of digital advancement, the initial impression of your webpage design has a tremendous impact in building positive response of your potential clients. The look and feel of a website with sophistication and uniqueness can score high in confidence and reliability of a visitor before he or she starts to interact with the offerings. This judgemental human psychology can be used as an advantage to establish the credibility of any business online by providingan appropriate webpage through responsive web design.

To standout among thousands, any website needs the service of a team of professional developers. While developing any site, our team of experts keep focus on the following relevant criteria.

  • Representing the business/service in trustworthy way
  • Mobile Ready
  • Emphasis on consistent branding all through the website
  • Email Marketing
  • Use of selective colours and contrast to highlight the essentials
  • Social Media
  • Leaving in-between blank space for prominent visual effect
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Fast Loading (by suitableimage selection, compression, etc)
  • Strong Security

The essential part of your website design is much more than to look beautiful, rather to mould it into an ideal conversion machine for your business or service requirement.HireProdigitaly, website development company targeting worldwide including USA, to reach out to the true potential global clients in millions through responsive web design.


Hire the dedicated WordPress developers ofProdigitaly forthe unique and responsive website of your requirement to standout among 560millions WordPress websites worldwide. WordPress is the most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) offering multiple themes, Plug-in extend functionality, mobile responsiveness, flexible & adaptable to changes and user-friendlyfeatures.
With 58 million active websites, Joomla,the second most popular open source CMS in the world shows almost similar characteristics like WordPress.Its unique features include • Deep-level navigation facility • Efficiently handles articles or small content or media through modules • More power to administrator • Built-in multilingual option Hence, it is an excellentchoice for community sites, e-commerce, social networking, portfolio or presentation, etc. However, as it offers more functionality, it is a more complex CMS to deal with. Here,hireourJoomla developers, to get the solution.
Drupal is the third most popular CMS coveringnearly 4% of all websites. Its credentials are • An ideal choice to develop custom websites • Fastest-loading capabilities • Simultaneously support of tons of pages or visitors at ease • Extremely scalable • Impeccable Security is its strong suits ( of USA uses Drupal) Hence, it is an ideal choice for big demanding sites. Consequently, it is the most complex CMS and needs high budget to develop. However, Prodigitaly, theDrupal development company, can be your most cost-effective solution for developing a Drupal CMS based website.
Magento 2 is a leading eCommerce platformdeveloped on open source (free) technology.Currently(over 200,000online) merchants and retailers are benefited with • A powerful marketing tool • Flexible and trendy shopping-cart utility • Efficient control over online store in content, appearance, and functionality • Search engine optimisation • Catalogue-management tools • Full page caching to increase performance • Mobile compatible layouts • Feasible Checkout Process • Secured & feasible upgrade in future
Shopify is an exclusive e-commerce platform serving as online stores and retail point-of-sale systems offering online retailers (currently over 6, 00,000) of a suite of services asPayments, Marketing, Shipping and Customer engagement tools. It simplifies the process of running an online store for small merchants. Reflecting the flairs of Prodigitaly, you will be hiring Shopify experts UK and Shopify setup experts here that can operate the Shopify system and can work in keen synergy with technical community.