Testing AndQuality Assurance

Quality is an integral part of every service. It deems the credibility of the software and whether the product meets the specific requirements as set by the client. We at Prodigitaly with our expert team of developers aid in testing the quality of applications. When it comes to software and application development testing quality assurance becomes immensely important so as to prevent malfunction of codes or products. Testing aids in maintaining the quality of the product and fix bugs. It saves time, effort and cost incurred on employing methodologies for fixing errors.

We at Prodigitaly follow a systematic process starting with establishing SQA facilitation wherein you decide the standard of quality. This is followed by implementing a quality management process and reviewing it. Our team of managers perform compliance review and identify areas that need fixing and improvement. Thus, QA through an organized process determines whether a product or service meets requirements.



In the present competitive world, we understand the importance of time. While Manual testing is time-consuming, automation aids in speeding the process. We offer Automation Testing Services and assist in carrying out a large number of automations testing along with executing thereby meeting the required functionalities and accuracy.
We offer customized and unparalleled eCommerce Testing Services for websites and mobile application. Our expert testers perform security testing solutions for securing client data. They further identify the response time, utilization of resources, and reliability of applications implemented in real time for performing different quality checks for endurance, performance modelling, etc.
Prodigitaly offers Functional Testing Servicesassuring the application and website meets the expectation of the end customer. Right from early testing of the application to preventing any defects, we aid in reducing costs incurred on rework delivering improved quality products. The services include ambiguity testing, data verification, smoke & system integration, etc.
Our Performance Testing Services ensures the websites and applications can withstand the user load thereby perform without disruption through multiple platforms and devices. Our performance testing team utilize different cloud-based load generators and quickly identifying the bottlenecks thereby deploying suitable solutions for websites, apps, business applications, etc.
Regression Testing is an important aspect for all businesses working on software and digital services. Our Regression Testing Services assure an integrated testing coverage for maintaining your digital portfolio. We apply different quality assurance tool for meeting the intended needs of the clients thereby leading their path towards success.

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